Wednesday 3 August 2022

Nebosh Results | What's does Refer mean in my Nebosh results notification

What does refer mean in my Nebosh result notification?

There are three category if you qualify for the Nebosh exams. It is 

1. Pass

2. Credit

3. Distinction

when you score marks below the criteria then it is considered as 'refer', for example pass marks for Nebosh IGC is 45 above, when a student scores below 45 marks then it is considered as 'refer'. 

What is the next step towards this refer in Nebosh result notification?

If you were confident enough that you have written well, still the marks are not up to your expectation, you can apply for re-evaluation to challenge the examiner. There are two types of re-evaluation 

Type 1 - Re-totalling your marks.

Type 2 - Complete re-evaluation of your script. 

In this case, you must select type 2 and fill the desired details. Nebosh will asking you to make the payment for this re-evaluation. For type 2 it is 105 pounds, the learner has to pay Nebosh directly, through bank or International debit cards.

To apply for Nebosh Enquiry About Results - EAR, click the link. 

If you really feel that you did not do the exams well, then it is the best option to go with re-sit for the unit in the upcoming exams. For this you have to contact your learning partner. 

If you need clarification get in touch with us.

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